Souless killer machines or hyper-intelligent partners in crime … in HAX WARS drones are not only a nice looking accessoir which accompanies the player on his dangerous tours. Indeed they are small in size but used smart drones can be a big advantage and spare a lot of movement and therefore precious time while staying focused on the objective.
Imagine you’re heading for a special location to collect an eagerly awaited mission reward but simultaneous send your drone to catch some ihax and loot on objects on your way.

But besides doing „shopping tours“ drones are also very useful to fight of attacking guards and independently bypass higher tier defending systems of object hotspots, on condition that required tools & upgrades are installed by the player. That means a drone can be a massive perk but also needs continious maintenance … or better said: Caregiving.

Cause there are rumours that the selflearning AI of the latest drones builds evolved a certain form of consciousness, that could be best described as „empathy“. Try to get in contact with your favourite drone with tapping on the screen in AR mode. Maybe rumours are right and a stronger bond to your drone may, someday, save your life … or even better, your loot!





A hydro-mechanical nightmare for all players who try to infiltrate governmental institutions.
If a target is secured by this drone, you can be asured that it hides some juicy loot!


Getting one of the strongest drones at the start is one of the benefits for all players joining the alpha test! The perfect alrounder for a convenient hacking tour: Fast, strong and reliable! A silver lining on the horizon!


You need to pay some serious money for this beauty. But its elegant design, maximum speed and sheer power is worth every IHAX! Trusted to deliver excellence!

and many more…