The Corporation has always been here – they built factories, banks, schools and homes which they connected with roads and streets. The city was born, but it was formless and dark.
They filled the city with dreams and hopes but Business was slow while the Corporation’s all-seeing eyes were hovering over it.

In order to keep the already increasing protests against automatization on a low level while bringing more and more new people into the City, the Corporation eventually decided to turn the City into an ever expanding and spinning carousel that constantly creates new business opportunities. Soon, it became clear that while security for the Corporation was getting more and more important, enforcing it outside of the corporate sphere only diminished profits in the long run. 

In the following years, a lot of Syndicates and Mafia-like organizations formed, taking advantage of this situation. Many groups, gangs and syndicates came and went, some regrouped into bigger ones. The following syndicates are still active in the City, controlling territories and business while dodging the watchful eyes of their corporate overlords.



Working class unions, at the higher levels, is basically legalized criminal organisations. Symbiotic relationship with the Corporation. Many opportunities for solid work. Joining The Union gives you access to special high tier gadgets and very fast drones!


Exclusive mob organization with a rather small number of members, due to the low life expectancy among the lower ranks. High risk but high rewards ... joining the Kuro Kami Syndiacte gives you access to hidden missions and secret events!


For most members hacking is all about fun and freedom. Mostly the sort of fun that makes big things explode and put you in prison or worse afterwards.. Joining the Bio Hackers syndicate gives you access to special drone wars tournaments and hidden shops!